2 chefs, 1 kitchen and a long counter in the middle.

Let’s Cook Together is a cooperative cooking game for two players – adults and children alike – family members, friends and couples. In this restaurant game, you will become a pair of quirky chefs who need to communicate and share their tasks to make and serve delicious food.

How to play

You and your game partner cook together in a kitchen divided by a long counter. Coordinate throwing ingredients to each other to complete the dishes, cooperate in pair to fry, chop, cook and mix. Communicate and share tasks to successfully serve ordered food.

Let’s start cooking!
Let’s Cook Together

Shout what ingredients you need and be attentive to what your partner is doing on the other side of the kitchen. You will be constantly throwing a helping hand to your partner, so be sure to have ingredients sliced, grated, mixed or cooked, ready to be assembled and served! Burgers need to be fried, but the frying pan is on the other side of the kitchen. What do you do? You throw the burger over the kitchen counter, straight to the hands of your partner. Easy! That is, unless your partner is unaware that something is flying their way and he or she simply doesn’t have empty hands. Splat!

Work together and enjoy serving delicious, steaming food.

Let’s Cook Together is a restaurant game that you play in a pair.

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